This program provides entry-level support funding for services that help you with day-to-day tasks that are becoming too difficult for you to manage on your own.  This helps you remain independent and helps to keep you living your best life in your own home.

Subsidies for the cost of services may be available to you so that you are safe, well, independent and connected in your own community.

The typical range of services that are subsidised are

Pre-made meals and help with food preparation;

Care For your while your carer takes a break;

Contact and company with other e.g. social groups;

Help with showering, self-care, hygiene and grooming;

Help with basic chores around the house;

Help for people experiencing homelessness.

Help with medicines, telehealth support;

Help with keeping your home and garden safe;

Community transport or vouchers to attend appointments or activities;

Health and therapy services e.g. podiatry occupational therapy, dietitian;

Changes to your home to improve safety and access e.g. ramps and rails;

Help for people with a particular condition e.g. vision, dementia;

Items to help you get around or adapt e.g. walking frame, shower chair;

You should consider what you need when applying for the CHSP funding and include budget consideration and any specific care needs, such as the providers of your services to speak/understand your culture, identity or background.