Perth North

The Perth North region, stretching from the city’s edge to the pristine coastline, offers a diverse and dynamic living experience. From the growing urban centres to the sandy beaches along the Indian Ocean, this area embodies a blend of suburban comfort, economic activity, and coastal beauty.

Joondalup, a major city within the Perth North region, stands out as a thriving hub with a mix of commercial, educational, and recreational amenities. Home to Edith Cowan University, the suburb contributes to the region’s intellectual vibrancy. Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City is a central attraction, providing residents with a wide range of retail options and entertainment.

The coastal suburb of Scarborough is renowned for its sandy beaches, vibrant esplanade, and a lively beach culture. The Scarborough Beach foreshore has undergone significant redevelopment, offering a modern and inviting space for residents and visitors to enjoy seaside activities, waterfront dining, and cultural events.

Further north, the suburb of Mindarie combines coastal living with modern conveniences. The Mindarie Marina is a picturesque waterfront precinct featuring restaurants, cafes, and recreational facilities. The marina offers residents and visitors a scenic backdrop for leisure activities and socializing.

The Perth North region is characterized by its commitment to green spaces and outdoor activities. Yellagonga Regional Park, spanning across the suburbs of Joondalup and Wanneroo, provides a natural retreat with walking trails, wetlands, and birdwatching opportunities. Lake Joondalup, situated within the park, is a popular spot for kayaking and picnicking.

With its strategic location, the Perth North region is well-connected by major highways and public transportation, ensuring easy access to both the city centre and the natural attractions along the coastline. This accessibility, coupled with the diverse offerings of its suburbs, makes the Perth North region an attractive and well-rounded destination for those seeking a mix of urban living and coastal relaxation.