Respite Care can be planned in advance; for instance, if your career is planning a trip or has an appointment to attend. It is also available in emergencies for example, if your carer has an unplanned hospital stay.

Respite Care is divided into 4 areas: Community Respite; Centre-Based Respite; Cottage Respite; and Flexible Respite.

Community Respite

Is best suited if you need only occasional support for some day-to-day tasks or activities and is available at any time of the day including weekends.

Centred Based Respite

Is usually run between 10am and 3pm in a club or community/residential space.  They run activities that allow you to become involved, meet and talk with other people.  There are usually options available to transport you from door to door.

Cottage Respite

Is available for 2 – 3 days at a time.  It provides overnight care in the community or in the home of a host family.

Flexible Respite

Flexible respite is available both day and night.  It usually takes place in your own home involving a paid carer taking over from your usual carer to provide them with a short break.