Step 1: Initiate Your ACAT Assessment through My Aged Care

Embarking on your Aged Care Assessment (ACAT) journey is as simple as applying through My Aged Care online or by dialling 1800 200 422. Alternatively, your General Practitioner or another healthcare professional can also refer you to My Aged Care for an ACAT assessment. This government-covered process incurs no fees. The typical wait time for an interview ranges from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on demand.

Step 2: Complete the ACAT Assessment

Once your application is in motion, an ACAT assessment awaits. Conducted, usually, within the comfort of your home, the assessment involves a 1-3 hour interview with a member of the Aged Care Assessment Team, often a nurse, social worker, or healthcare professional. The evaluation comprehensively explores your physical and mental health, covering general health, mobility, functional abilities, and current support levels. Discussions will revolve around your day-to-day activities to determine the most suitable aged care services.

Step 3: Complete an Income and Assets Assessment

The next crucial step involves evaluating your income and assets to determine applicable fees and charges for your aged care. The Assets and Income Test, managed by Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs, dives into detailed information about your financial situation, including income, assets, liabilities, and pension details. The assessment form, available digitally or on paper, can be accessed here: Calculation of your cost of care form (SA486) – Services Australia.

Step 4: Secure Approval for Subsidised Aged Care

Following the assessments, approval for subsidised aged care may take several weeks to months. Once approved, you join the queue for funds allocation dedicated to your care.My Aged Care online

Step 5: Funds Allocation for Your Care

Post-approval, a waiting period of 3 to 12 months ensues before funds are allocated based on your location and the level of care needed. Once funds are assigned, you can choose an aged care facility or home care provider to commence government-subsidised services.