Retirement villages are housing developments offering a range of accommodation options, services and facilities. Facilities may include swimming pools, golf courses, social events and 24-hour emergency assistance.  Some retirement villages are attached or close by to an aged care facility, so you can easily transition over when you need to.  There are costs associated with living in a Retirement Village however properties may be cheaper than similar sized homes in the same area.

Some retirement villages offer properties for sale and rental properties, meaning you can still live in a retirement village without having to own the home. Some Retirement Villages have attached Residential Care – this is a great benefit if you and your partner require different levels of care either now or in the future – it means you can stay close together.

There are two types of Retirement Villages

Resident-Funded Villages

Are owned and operated by the private sector to produce a surplus/profit.

They are funded by the residents who ‘purchase’ their villa or apartment under one of the tenure arrangements.  The residents also contribute to the village’s capital infrastructure cost and ongoing management costs.

Donor-funded Villages

Normally owned and run by not-for-profit organisations, they include an element of charitable subsidy.  Entry is generally restricted to the ‘needy’.

Types Of Accommodation Available

Villas and ILU’s

Villas are sometimes referred to as Independent Living Units (ILU’s).  These are designed for people who require little or no assistance to live independently.  Properties range from one to four bedrooms and may be in a high or medium-rise complex, terrace housing, stand alone or semi-detached building.

Serviced Apartments

In general, have one or two bedrooms and offer you the safety and security of 24-hour support and access to living assistance.  They are ideal when you don’t need round-the-clock medical support, but you do need a bit of extra help for daily living, such as evening meals, weekly cleaning, laundry and assistance with personal care.  While a small kitchenette is usually included within the apartment, meals are generally served in a dining room setting.

Extra Services

Some retirement villages also offer access to a rage of home care services such as help with domestic work or transport to appointment. Theses are additional costs to you.